Parents Love TOCA Strikers! 

"We love TOCA Strikers for the fun atmosphere and feeling of community we get when we go to class" - Sylvia (Bodhi's parent)


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Introducing TOCA Strikers

Designed for children starting at 18 months, TOCA Strikers provides a fun, high-energy environment that is perfect for developing your child's motor, social, and soccer skills.

Our seasons are open enrollment so that you can join anytime at a prorated rate!

Whether your child is just starting their soccer journey or looking for a more experienced kids' soccer program, our centers have the perfect option for you!

Structured classes for children ages 18 months to 7 years old

Focused on individual player development through fun, age-appropriate activities and gameplay  

Prioritizes fun and development while enhancing awareness and decision-making skills 



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Parent Testimonials

Parents love TOCA Strikers! Read some of our favorite testimonials below.

"My son loves every class and asks every day if he has soccer. The classes are very engaging and focus on skill-building."

- Rashida (Zayn’s parent)

"Strikers has been an incredible opportunity to get my son involved in fun and structured sports at such a young age! At 18 months the classes were exactly suited to his developmental milestones and needs!"

- Stephanie (Phillip’s parent)

"Our shy toddler took a little time to adjust but now loves going to (Strikers) soccer and practicing at home."

- Audrey (Daniel’s parent)